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Amica Research, a research consulting organization, promotes sustainable design and implementation of technology and manufacturing programs. Currently, we are working on translating three handbooks from English to Chinese. If you are interested in contributing your expertise, please contact smhandbook@AmicaResearch.org.
The handbooks are a collaborative effort from over three hundreds international experts in 15 countries around the world.  The collective experience and wisdom are essential to accelerate the pace of invention and innovation. The handbooks are dedicated to:
"Our Mothers Who Cradle the World," and "Our Earth Who Gives Us Life."
Manufacturing Engineering Handbook, McGraw-Hill Professional (Second Edition, 2016)
(Working on Chinese edition by 中国机械工业出版社

Semiconductor Manufacturing Handbook, McGraw-Hill Professional (Second Edition, 2017)


(Working on the second Chinese edition by 中国电子工业出版社)

Contact: smhandbook@AmicaResearch.org


(耿怀渝赵树武 陈 松 赵水林 黄小锋 等译, 2006)

Data Center Handbook, John Wiley & Sons (2015)

Internet of Things & Data Analytics Handbook, John Wiley &
Sons (2017)
ISBN 9781119173649
(Working on Chinese edition by 中国电子工业出版社)

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IC Manufacturing:


Data Centers/Cloud Computing: 
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