Books Summary

MANUFACTURING ENGINEERING HANDBOOK (Second Edition, McGraw-Hill Professional, 2016)

The second edition of the Manufacturing Engineering Handbook reveals how to optimize all aspects of advanced manufacturing processes to build the highest quality goods at the lowest price in the shortest possible time. The second edition of the handbook is in production process. 

SEMICONDUCTOR ENGINEERING HANDBOOK (Second Edition, McGraw-Hill Professional, 2017)

This Semiconductor Engineering Handbook provides engineers and managers with the principles, applications, and solutions needed to design and manage semiconductor manufacturing operations. Currently, we are working on the second edition of Semiconductor Manufacturing Handbook that will be published late 2016.

DATA CENTER HANDBOOK (John Wiley & Sons, 2015)

This Data Center Handbook provides the fundamentals, technologies, and best practices in designing, constructing and managing mission critical, energy efficient data centers.

IOT & DATA ANALYTICS HANDBOOK (John Wiley & Sons, 2016)

The Internet of Things (IoT) and Data Analytics (DA) have already ignited the next industrial revolution.   Applying IoT/DA to reinvent  "everything" is a global phenomenon to all economic sectors that include: 
government, transportation, energy, education, healthcare, financial institutes, high-tech/advanced manufacturing (Industrial Internet of Things), agriculture, retails, home, etc. This handbook is 
designed for professionals and managers in the fields that include technology, science, engineering, manufacturing medicine, business, finance, etc. working in above economic sectors.

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